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As creator of Vegan On The Go I wear many hats; mother, wife, worker, grandmother, aunt, sister, vegan, friend, gardener and lover of the outdoors!

For work, I travel around Canada extensively. I develop leaders and enhance teams for a national firm. In this capacity I am a professional coach, trainer, and facilitator.

I love my work and am blessed to be able to do what I love to do every day. When I am not travelling for work, I am in my home office, also a blessing.

In my home life, I live with my husband, Brent, have four children, 3 grandchildren, a dog and a cat.

I have had the great fortune to live on beautiful Vancouver Island for over 25 years; a spectacular place to be. We take advantage of the mild climate and access to BC’s awesome natural resources and love to kayak, hike, swim, garden, camp, travel, cook and hang out with family and friends.

Since becoming vegan, over seven years ago, I have developed a love and passion for cooking and love to share vegan friendly food with my friends and family, and now with you.

For me, being vegan is the right thing to do. The vegan lifestyle allows you to rethink the way you eat and what you eat. It is a way of living a more conscious life. I love it!

My reasons for maintaining a vegan lifestyle are three fold. The first is more of a spiritual reason, I am not capable of killing an animal and therefore do not want to eat one either.

The second reason is for health. A few years back, about 7 or so, I was working at home, walked across our bedroom and fell to the ground. It was overwork, exhaustion and a big wake up call…how quickly we can lose our health. It took about 1.5 years to recover from that fall and I never want to experience that type of recovery again. I knew by adopting the vegan lifestyle I could positively affect my health and reduce my chances significantly of diseases such as stroke, heart disease and diabetes.

The third reason is environmental. Many of our practices around food production are not only cruel, they are bad for our environment and the planet. Even though choosing this lifestyle may require that I miss some of the foods that I love, I have adapted and am committed. I will always be vegan.

I love to eat and I love to cook! When I became vegan my passion for cooking was reignited.

When you are vegan the thought process into what to eat is a little more complex than when you are a meat eater. Generally meat eaters, decide what type of meat they will have and the choose a starch and what vegetable will accompany the meal.

One of the reasons most people find the vegan lifestyle unsustainable is they don’t know what to eat, are not getting a balanced diet and become disenchanted with the whole process. Since I have been cooking vegan dishes, my husband has often said, “You should open a restaurant!” At one point I considered a food truck…that could be fun but then I decided on this blog. It suits my lifestyle and fits nicely with the work that I do for a living.

I am not claiming to be a nutritionist, just a mom and wife, cooking for friends and family. One thing I will tell you though is I am rarely sick since I became a vegan. This is amazing as I am constantly in airplanes, airports and classrooms filled with others who are not well.

I am excited to share some easy ways to ensure you get enough protein, the many options that we have and some fabulous recipes that you will love!

I hope you enjoy the recipes and ideas that I have posted, these are all tried and true recipes from snacks to full course meals. Enjoy!

There are a million little stories in that story, too many to write about right now. As I continue to write for Veganonthego.net, I will share more of my experiences and what I have learned along the way. My goal is not to tell people what to do, more to share my story and to invite you into the conversation. We all have a right to choose what is best for us. I hope you will join me in this wonderful journey called life.

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